About Us

    At Slay By Celes, we believe every woman is beautiful in her own right. If there's one thing we all have in common it’s that we all like to feel beautiful.
    Life can get crazy busy, hectic and throw us some crazy curveballs. But every now and then, in the midst of the wildness of life....we like to kill it. We like to SLAY.
    Retail specialist and a lover of all things makeup, Celeste Hooper, founder of Slay by Celes, envisions a brand that breaks boundaries. Make-up that could make the everyday working woman, the new mom, the on the go entrepreneur feel both fabulous and beautiful in the midst of a busy and unpredictable daily routine.
    There are three parts of the face that really matter in terms of making yourself pop. Your lips, your eyes, and your face shape. So whether you like to play it up on the lips, or focus on adding some drama to the eyes, or if you just like to add a little more sculpt to your natural face shape, my hope is that with Slay By Celes you will be able to spice up the feature you love the most about yourself.
    My hope is to share my passion for women, makeup and entrepreneurship with the world, and to build something that my beautiful daughter Talia can be proud of.


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